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Lafayette General Health (LGH) is the local leader bringing telemedicine services to Acadiana. LGH opened the area’s first telemedicine clinic in 2012 at Stuller, Inc.‘s global headquarters, providing its 1,200 associates daily access to primary care physicians and other medical resources. 

A few years later, Lafayette Consolidated Government established its first telemedicine clinic at its City Hall headquarters on University Avenue in March, 2015. That clinic provides physician access for more than 2,200 LCG employees.

A telemedicine clinic has also been established at Ossun Elementary School, linking it to the full clinic at Carencro Middle School, serving over 600 students there. This eases transportation burdens on the school and on parents. It also minimizes missed classroom time for students who otherwise had to leave the school to be seen.

Physicians who provide our telemedicine services are located either at LGH’s Urgent Care Centers, or at the private practice of a Family Medicine physician employed by the Lafayette General Medical Doctors physician group.

The Importance of Telemedicine 

First developed for NASA astronauts, telemedicine can help prevent long-term health problems in communities by making it easier for people to seek professional treatment, rather than letting conditions worsen. Left unchecked, minor conditions may eventually require urgent care or an emergency room visit. Places serviced with telemedicine see a happier, healthier and more productive population.

Telemedicine serves high-population businesses, government and education centers by providing interactive physician access through the digital realm. High-definition TV screens, two-way audio and high-speed Internet access links a physician from their office to these 21st Century clinics in real time.

Tools, such as digital stethoscopes or otoscopes, transmit accurate and real-time readings to the physician’s office. A nurse at the clinic aids the patient and serves as a communication liaison for the physician.

Our Telemedicine App 

In addition to our telemedicine clinics, Lafayette General Health also offers a convenient and cost-effective mobile telemedicine app for patients to use throughout Louisiana. The Health Anywhere app is easy to download and connects you to quality urgent care — no matter where you are in the state.

It’s available 24/7 and is great for addressing illnesses like colds, flus, rashes, allergies, fevers and sore throats.