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Lafayette General’s cardiac rehab and pulmonary rehab programs are nationally certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. This certification recognizes programs rigorously reviewed by a national board and found to meet stringent requirements for standards of care.

Cardiac Rehabilitation
6th Floor of LGMC

Following a cardiac event or cardiac surgery, we provide a structured program of education, counseling and exercise to help patients return to optimal health. From your stay in the hospital to your return home, the cardiac rehab staff of nurses, exercise physiologists and respiratory therapists develop an individualized plan that involves closely supervised and monitored exercise, assistance with lifestyle changes, education and support groups for patients and families.

Physician referral is required.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation
6th Floor of LGMC

The mission of pulmonary rehab is to help patients with various pulmonary disorders improve their overall quality of life: to reach or maintain physical activity goals, to understand their disease process, and to address any psychological or emotional issues related to lung disease. Specifically, the program helps to decrease shortness of breath with activities of daily living by focusing on breathing techniques, stress reduction and proper use of medications. All aspects of pulmonary rehab are supervised by specially trained nurses and respiratory therapists.

Outpatient Cardiac Rehab Calendar

Rehab Calendar