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Ochsner Lafayette General has taken the following steps to ensure that we are as prepared as possible as COVID-19 makes its way into Acadiana and within our health system. The goal at all facilities is to quickly identify a person at risk, then place that person in isolation and notify the appropriate personnel.  

  • We have a system-wide protocol in place at each of our facilities for the screening and isolation of any patient suspected of having the disease.
  • Increased required screening questions have been enacted in both inpatient and outpatient settings. These screening questions for travel and symptoms warn the registrar to notify a physician ASAP.
  • Signage, provided by the CDC, has been posted regarding COVID-19 associated symptoms and travel history in high traffic areas.
  • We are currently 100% stocked with personal protective equipment (PPE) and we are discussing how to conserve our supplies.
  • We are in constant contact with Dr. Tina Stefanski and the Louisiana Department of Health regarding testing and status.
  • Infection preventionists at all facilities have been in communication with each other and our partners with the Office of Public Health.
  • Staff has been trained on proper donning and doffing of PPE and specimen collection and testing requirements.


If a case is suspected or identified, we will implement all appropriate isolation and protective measures outlined by the CDC and follow their guidelines for hospital personnel and visitors. Additionally, we will immediately notify the proper parties, including the Louisiana State Epidemiologist, the Office of Public Health and the CDC. 

We ask that everyone please continue to practice proper hygiene, which the CDC says will be the most important tools in our response to this virus.