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UHC Clinics & Services

University Hospital & Clinics is a full-service, acute care hospital serving Acadiana’s uninsured, underinsured and indigent population. It is also a primary graduate medical education center that trains future physicians. We house a learning resource center to support the training, continuing education, research and clinical responsibilities of health care providers throughout the 13 parish region of southwest Louisiana. In addition, we offer an outpatient pharmacy for patients who see a University Hospital & Clinics doctors.

Since Lafayette General Health took over management in June 2013, several services and clinics were added and/or reinstated. The hospital saw an increase in the number of operating rooms. University Hospital & Clinics reestablished its medical detoxification program, making it the only hospital-run inpatient medical detox facility in Lafayette. Cardiology services are enhanced through a partnership with Cardiovascular Institute of the South.

Outpatient diabetes nutrition education classes are also held on a monthly basis.

University Hospital & Clinics patients are offered the following clinics:

  • Endocrinology
    Tuesday -      8a-12p
    Wednesday - 8a-12p
    Friday -          8a-12p
    (337) 261-6480
  • Geriatric Clinic
    Tuesday – 1p-4p
    Thursday - 8a-12p (clinic)
    Thursday - 1p-4p (assessment)
    (337) 261-6655
  • Otolaryngology
    Tuesday -      7:30a-4p (except 1st Tuesdays)
    Wednesday - 7:30a-4p
    Thursday -     7:30a-4p
    (337) 261-6415
  • Plastics
    may include: breast reconstruction; breast reduction; panniculectomy; hand trauma
    Mondays & Thursdays – 12p-4p
  • Renal Clinic
    Monday -       8a-12p
    Tuesday -      8a-12p
    Wednesday-  1p-4p
    Thursday -     8a-1p 
    Friday -          8a-12p 
    (337) 261-6759
  • Rheumatology
    Monday  -      8a – 12p
    Tuesday -      1p – 5p
    Wednesday - 8a-5p
    (337) 261-6759

University Hospital & Clinics patients are offered the following services:
services listed by department

24 hours
(337) 261-6767

M-F – 6:30a-5p
(337) 261-6275

Nuclear Medicine
   VQ Scans
   Bone Scans
M-F – 6:30a-3:30p
(337) 261-6210

M-F – 7a-4p
(337) 261-6109

M-F – 6:30a-11:30p
(337) 261-6253

Interventional Radiology
M-F – 6:30a-3p
(337) 261-6751

M-F – 6:30a-3p
(337) 261-6279

Bone Density
M- F – 7a-3:30p
(337) 261-6767

Respiratory Therapy
24 hours
(337) 261-6260

   Pulmonary Lab
     * Outpatient ABGs
     * Pulmonary Function
     * Bronchoscopy
M-F - 7a-3p
(337) 261-6165

     * Electroencephalograph (Inpatient and outpatient)
M-F – 7:00-3:00
(337) 261-6261

   Sleep Lab
     * Sleep Studies (polysomnography)
Office: M-F - 7a-3p
(337) 261-4841

EKG/Stress Lab
   Holter Monitoring
   Stress Testing
M-F -7a-3p
(337) 261-6258

Outpatient Pharmacy
   Prescription processing
We accept most commercial plans, most Medicare plans, and all Louisiana Medicaid plans. Patient assistance for uninsured, qualifying patients to obtain their medications. 
     * Medication therapy management
M-F – 8a-4p
(337) 261-6235

Nutrition Services
Medical Nutrition Therapy for including individual nutrition assessments for education. Order required for outpatient assessment
M-F (by appt only)
(337) 261-6113

   Retail Café
M-F – 7a-2p
(337) 261-6117

   Hearing Evaluations
   Middle ear Analysis
   Vestibular Testing
   Auditory Brainstem Response (un-sedated and sedated)
   Otoacoustic Emission testing
   Medicaid Pediatric Hearing Aids
   Hear Now program for hearing aids
   In-House swim molds
   Cochlear Baha fittings (surgical and soft band)
order from physician required for all tests
M-F - 8a-4p
(337) 261-6424

   Pediatric OT
   Outpatient ST for all ages
M-F - 7:30a-4p
(337) 261-6710

Medical Library
(337) 261-6127
(337) 261-6128

   Outpatient Lab work
M-F - 6a-6p
(337) 261-6212

Smoking Cessation
The Louisiana Tobacco Control Initiative (LA-TCI) provides free, evidence-based smoking cessation services at University Hospital and Clinics. Designated staff member Nakesha Latiker, NCTTP, offers several quit smoking options for patients and employees, including:

  • Individual face-to-face behavioral counseling; sessions upon request
  • Group behavioral counseling; classes held several times a month, call the number below to register
  • Referral to the state's Quit line for free telephone or web-based counseling
  • Referral to the Louisiana Smoking Cessation Trust program for free counseling and medication
    • To qualify for the free Louisiana Smoking Cessation Trust program, a person must have started smoking before September 1, 1988 and be a Louisiana resident.
  • Assistance with obtaining a prescription for cessation medication from a person's primary care doctor to help them quit

Click here for more information about the LA-TCI, or you may contact your TCI Cessation Specialist directly using the information below. 
M-F - 8a-4:00p
(337) 261-8541


University Hospital & Clinics has an advanced Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) testing system. ABR tests are used to screen hearing of newborns and young infants, gauge adult hearing loss or detect other nerve and brainstem damage. The top feature of the ABRsystem is that no sedation is required.