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General Information

Lafayette Behavioral Health Unit (LBHU) is a 24-bed secure psychiatric inpatient facility that provides short-term hospitalization and treatment for individuals coping with an acute mental health disorder. Patients admitted to LBHU require a safe, secure and structured environment and an increased level of observation to stabilize their psychiatric symptoms.

The LBHU is located at 302 Dulles Drive in Lafayette – adjacent to the Dr. Joseph Henry Tyler, Jr., Behavioral Health Center. The unit was established through a partnership with the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH). The partnership between DHH and Lafayette General secures quality of care and access to services for uninsured individuals in need of acute psychiatric care.

Criteria for admission include:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • High risk of harm to self or others
  • Acute onset or exacerbation of chronic psychiatric symptoms including depression, anxiety, mania, psychosis or acute stress responses requiring assessment and treatment in a secure environment.
  • Medically cleared for admission

Comprehensive care begins at the time of admission and is provided by a multidisciplinary team consisting of psychiatrists, general practitioners, nurses, social workers, a recreation therapist, dietitians, mental health technicians and other disciplines as determined by needs of the patient. The goals of treatment are to assess and stabilize, identify goals of treatment, patient and family education, and community re-integration by incorporating discharge planning into the treatment planning process. Therapeutic programming is grounded in principles of recovery oriented care in which the patient is an active participant in their treatment and discharge planning.

Therapeutic services include:

  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Physical examination
  • Laboratory and diagnostic testing
  • Comprehensive and multidisciplinary biopsychosocial evaluation
  • Crisis intervention and stabilization of patient’s acute psychiatric symptoms
  • Psychopharmacologic evaluation and management
  • Activity therapy and patient education interventions
  • Case management and collaboration with the patient’s outpatient clinician, physicians, family and community agencies to facilitate an integrated approach and establish comprehensive discharge plans

Skilled psychiatric and mental health professionals are trained and committed to assist patients in their self-discovery, learning and recovery process.


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