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Before the Storm -- Are You Prepared?

By Lafayette General Health
July 10, 2019

Need tips for preparing yourself and your family?

See the tips below to help you prepare and plan. You should have a backup plan in the event your first choice is not able to be carried out.

Before The Storm:

  • Contact local emergency management to gain a "risk assessment" of your neighborhood
  • Check to see if you have adequate flood insurance
  • Create a disaster plan
  • Select your own reliable transportation
  • Arrange to stay with others in an area not at risk
  • Make arrangements in advance for pets. They are not allowed in shelters.
  • Select a place to meet family if you are separated and cannot return home
  • Select a place out-of-state to leave messages for separated family members
  • Post emergency numbers by telephones
  • If you evacuate leave a note telling others when you left and where to reach you

In the event of a disaster, please check for important updates and phone numbers that will help you plan for your medical care in the event of an evacuation or disaster.

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