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Lafayette General Health Partners with ThinkGenetic

By Lafayette General Health
May 23, 2019

Lafayette General Health System partners with ThinkGenetic to provide new cutting-edge technology

Lafayette – ThinkGenetic, makers of an artificial intelligence driven-SymptomMatcherTM for genetic disorders, announced the successful close of its angel round of funding for $1.5M. The final $95,000 investment of five investors was led by entrepreneur and investor, Cian Robinson, executive director of innovation, research and real estate investments division of Lafayette General Health system. Mr. Robinson has been active as a mentor to the company since ThinkGenetic was accepted into the Accelerate South accelerator program in Lafayette, Louisiana in 2018.

When asked about his relationship with ThinkGenetic, Mr. Robinson replied, “Our Health Innovation Fund was capitalized through investments from Lafayette General Health, via leadership from our Board of Directors and senior leaders. As we seek to make investments, our focus is always our mission To Restore, Maintain and Improve Health. We believe the future of ThinkGenetic to be bright and of great value to our patients in Acadiana. We look forward to working together to improve health in our communities by being a leader in driving innovation that delivers state-of-the-art outcomes.”

ThinkGenetic plans to use the funds to expand its range of services and personnel, create new partnerships and develop new cutting-edge technology to complement current offerings. In addition, the new relationship with Lafayette General Health, will bring new services to Louisiana including clinical trials and electronic medical record reviews. According to Robinson, “Our investment in ThinkGenetic will not only avail our health system and patients of much needed genetically-focused technologies and services, but also the associated research that comes along with it. Without this relationship, many of our patients have to travel outside of Acadiana to seek clinical trials and treatment. We will now be able to offer these services locally.”

“We’ve had the honor of being considered and accepted to several accelerator programs,” explained ThinkGenetic CEO Dave Jacob, “The excitement and passion in Lafayette is second to none. We are incredibly excited to close our first seed round and more importantly, to work with the wonderful people of Louisiana and open our third office in Lafayette.”

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