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Hot Topic: Should I Use CBD/Hemp Products?

By Lafayette General Health
February 26, 2020

We have received questions regarding the use of CBD/Hemp products and how it will effect a drug screen result.

So can hemp products explain positive urine drug screens for marijuana? CBD oil that is taken by mouth could possibly cause a positive for THC on a drug screen. While it is not legal for manufacturers to have more than 0.3 % THC in the US, this will not be enough to cause a Positive. With that being said, overseas products are not regulated so there is a chance that this could have a higher percentage of THC.

Hemp is a product of the marijuana plant Cannabis sativa. It has been used for thousands of years to manufacture clothing and ropes. Cannabis sativa contains several resins called cannabinoids including marijuana's active ingredient, THC. When a drug test is performed, the active chemical in marijuana that gets detected in a positive screening is THC. However, most people are under the impression that CBD oil is THC-free. As it turns out, depending on the source of the cannabis that is used to produce the CBD oil, some products do contain traces of THC.

Recommendation: Any person who is subject to drug testing should not use any CBD or hemp products because the drug test could produce a positive and there is no test to verify how it was ingested.
Remember: You never know what you are taking.

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