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Flu Vaccine Information

By LGMC Staff
February 22, 2019

If you are getting a flu vaccine this year, and we strongly suggest you do, you can choose several options. The following are available at both Lafayette General Urgent Care Centers in River Ranch and at Sugar Mill Pond (Youngsville).

High-dose Vaccine – For those 65 years and over, who are far less likely to benefit from a standard flu shot, this vaccine covers influenza viruses in higher concentrations. It contains four times the level of immunity-producing antigens, giving the elderly a stronger resistance.

Quadrivalent Vaccine – Traditional flu vaccines protect against two influenza A viruses and one B virus. For the first time, this flu vaccine protects against four viruses: two influenza A viruses and two B viruses – not offered in all places in Acadiana.

Preservative-free Vaccine – Also a quadrivalent, this shot contains no thimerosal, an ingredient used as an extra precaution against contaminates.

Flu Mist – This vaccine is the only nasal mist and is also a quadrivalent. However, it is approved only for those ages 2 to 49 years. The CDC recommends it, particularly for children ages 2-8.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flu Vaccines

Have you ever met a person who was absolutely certain that a flu vaccination gave them the flu?

It is not medically possible to get the flu directly from a flu shot. The shot administers an inactive virus, not a weakened one. The flu germs you receive are dead, dead, dead and cannot come back to life.

Some people still insist they got the flu from a flu vaccine. You cannot debate my experience of flu shot followed by the flu?

It takes a couple of weeks for a flu vaccine to develop sufficient antibodies to protect you from the flu. If you are exposed to the flu within those 2 weeks, then you can get the flu. Flu vaccines are given during flu season, which is why people get the flu after receiving a flu shot. Bottom line – get your shot early to avoid a regional outbreak of the flu.

Who should get a flu shot?

Everyone over 6 months of age.

Please check with your doctor first if you are allergic to eggs, have had a reaction to the shot in the past, are younger than six-months old, are currently feeling ill or running a fever and those with a history of Guillain Barre Syndrome.

What's the best way to avoid the flu?

Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands!!!

What if I’m still not convinced that I should get a flu shot?

Ask your doctor, healthcare provider or call the Lafayette General urgent care walk-in clinics.

Flu shots and Flu Mist are available at the LGMC Urgent Care Walk-in Clinics in River Ranch, Carencro and Sugar Mill Pond. The urgent care walk-in clinics are open seven days a week.

The cost:

The LGMC Urgent Care Walk-in Clinic bills your insurance for the entire portion of the shot and, in most cases, the patient has no out-of-pocket expense. Most insurance companies accepted.

Carencro Clinic – (337) 886-6455
River Ranch Clinic – (337) 769-0069
Sugar Mill Pond Clinic – (337) 857-5765