TENEX - New Treatment for Tendon-Related Injuries

Are you silently suffering because you’ve been told there’s no other option but major, invasive surgery with a long recovery? If you have tried physical therapy, cortisone injections, medication, or just taking time to ice, stretch and rest and are still in pain, Lafayette General Medical Center may be able to help.

Interventional Radiologist Daniel Harlin, M.D., offers a new minimally invasive treatment at LGMC that quickly and safely removes the source of tendon pain. Tenex Health TX™ is a treatment option for tendon and soft tissue injuries such as tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, jumper’s knee, Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. It offers a solution that does not involve general or open surgery, may give you quick pain reduction and should have you back to enjoying the things you love in a few weeks to a few months.

Until now, painful Cortisone shots given repeatedly or open surgery were the most common remedies available. The Tenex TX procedure is performed in about 20 minutes in an outpatient, non-surgical setting using only a local anesthetic.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call Dr. Harlin’s office
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We CAN help!

The Tenex Health TX System is based on advanced technology developed in collaboration with the world renowned Mayo Clinic. It combines ultrasound imaging (which is also used to see a baby in the womb) to identify damaged tissue with the advanced TX MicroTip™which precisely breaks down and removes only the damaged tissue that causes pain. Removing the damaged tissue allows the tendon to heal and provides pain relief.

Only a small incision is required to allow the MicroTip, about the size of a toothpick, delivers ultrasonic energy to target the damaged tissue without disturbing the surrounding healthy tendon tissue. Local anesthetic numbs the entry area and patients are awake and alert the entire time. The incision is closed using only a Band-Aid®, and no stitches are required.

“I am extremely pleased with the results I see in my patients treated with TENEX Health TX,” says Dr. Harlin. “They report experiencing a nearly painless treatment, a quick recovery and lasting pain relief.”

Benefits of Tenex Health TX are:
  • Quick pain relief
  • Rapid return to normal activities
  • Local anesthetic used instead of general anesthesia
  • No sutures, no stitches (requires only a small, adhesive bandage)
  • Minimally invasive, not open surgery
  • Covered by most insurances

We are here for you…

Currently, over 10 million people in the United States suffer from severe pain due to damaged tendon tissue, which limits their range of motion and keeps them from living an active life. You don’t have to live with pain! We are happy to discuss Tenex Health TX or any other option that may work for you. You can also find more information on the procedure at www.tenexhealthpatient.com.