Forever Connected Survivorship Program

The American Cancer Society estimates there are more than 13.7 million cancer survivors in the United States, and that number is expected to continue to grow.

Here at Cancer Center of Acadiana, “survivors” are identified as anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer. In other words, survivorship starts with the diagnosis and continues throughout the life span. During that journey, you will have a team of professionals available to assist you through your journey.

The “Forever Connected” program is the survivorship program at Cancer Center of Acadiana, and you are a member of the Forever Connected program through your diagnosis and treatment here and throughout your life’s journey. Along with your team, with your oncologist in the lead, you will develop a long-term health care plan. While some patients choose to return to their primary care physician for follow-up monitoring, our patients always have a home here in the Forever Connected program.

Not only will you have the best care available during your acute care, that same level of excellence will be available to you in the Forever Connected program. In addition, other services, like having psychosocial services available on-site, provided by our clinical social worker and medical psychologist make Cancer Center of Acadiana and the Forever Connected program not just any other cancer program. Services such as genetic counseling, education and referral services are all available to assist you through your journey, even when the acute care is completed.

The Forever Connected program gives you access to education on legal issues important to cancer patients, information and education on financial management during your journey, and access to other services like end of life issues to assist you and family through even the most difficult times.

In short, once diagnosed with cancer, you are Forever Connected to our family and you are as “connected” as you would like to be throughout your journey.