Lafayette General Imaging

Boasting world-class equipment by Siemens, a recognized leader in the field of medical imaging, Lafayette General Imaging (LGI) has the tools to complete tests quickly and read with accuracy. Combine the machinery with the manpower supplied by the top radiologists and technicians in the area and LGI can provide its patients with the highest quality care to get the diagnosis right the first time. LGI offers PET/CT, 64-slice CT, MRI, ultrasound, general X-rays and lab work. If you or your physician needs to schedule services, please call our schedulers at (337) 289-8229 or (337) 289-8225. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Located at:
1211 Coolidge Blvd # 201
Lafayette, LA 70503

LGI CT Scanner Accredited

Lafayette General Imaging (LGI) has received accreditation on its CT scanner by the American College of Radiology (ACR), demonstrating an ongoing commitment to the quality and safety of the CT exams performed. ACR Accreditation promotes overall quality in the practice of CT scanning. The program evaluates the qualifications of personnel, equipment performance, quality of clinical images, appropriateness of scan parameters/technique, scan performance characteristics and radiation dose estimates. The ACR program is directed by radiologists and medical physicists who have specific expertise in CT scanning and can best address the details of the procedure. ACR’s accreditation has the most robust radiation safety standards, and receiving accreditation from them demonstrates that LGI has paid attention to the fundamental details.

Lafayette General Imaging Center