Cancer Center of Acadiana

We are not your normal cancer center. What sets us apart is that you are at the center of everything we do. We start by making things convenient, and pleasant: A soothing infusion center, with the option of taking treatment outside. An onsite pharmacy and lab. Courtesy transportation, if needed.

But what leaves a lasting impression goes deeper than convenience, beginning with your first meeting with the patient navigator. The patient navigator immediately makes you feel at home as they answer your questions, help you process your emotions, and guides you to the resources you need. By the time you meet with one of our compassionate oncologists, it hits you; you haven’t come to "a" center. You are at THE center of a support team, and you are not alone.

Cancer Center of Acadiana is among a nationally elite group of cancer care providers recognized as an Accredited Cancer Program.  In March 2016, CCA was awarded Three-Year Accreditation with Commendation, and also received the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Commission on Cancer (CoC), for meeting or exceeding all 34 quality-care standards.  Receiving care at an accredited facility like Cancer Center of Acadiana means you have access to onsite laboratory and radiological testing, prevention and early detection.  Advanced treatments, genetic counseling and several other patient-centered services are also available. Learn more about Cancer Center of Acadiana and the Lung Mass Clinic.

Our multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals includes oncologists, oncology nurses, a dietician, genetic counselor, patient educator, patient navigator and social worker. Once you are with us, we are forever connected, and the stories our patients tell serve as inspiration to us all.