Chief Executive Officer
Katie Hebert

Chief Nursing Officer
Laurence Vincent

Designated Institutional Officer
James Falterman, Jr., M.D. 

Chief of Staff 
Richard Howes, M.D.

Growth Through Leadership

University Hospital & Clinics (UHC) enjoyed its first full year under the Lafayette General Health banner in fiscal year 2014. During that time, much-needed clinics were reopened, including the Pediatric Clinic (12-23-13) and Medical Detoxification Unit (1-6-14). UHC also announced enhanced cardiology services through a partnership with Cardiovascular Institute of the South.

The most monumental task accomplished during the fiscal year was Electronic Medical Record implementation. This vastly improved coordinated care and data sharing capabilities. Other facility improvements included replaced elevators, equipment upgrades and purchases of new technology. The improvements were reflected by a surge in the number of operations performed and overall patient volume, thanks to added operating rooms and more staffed beds. There was also a reduction in ER wait times. In June 2013, prior to LGH management, 16% of ER patients were leaving without being seen. One year later, in June 2014, that was down to 8.7%. In subsequent months, the trend accelerated: July 6.4%, August 4.6%, and September 3.5% – clear evidence of systematic improvement.

UHC enjoyed a year of stability and support as part the LGH family. What resulted was an unprecedented expansion of services and a renewed focus on quality, satisfaction, education
and efficiency.

University Hospital & Clinics Board of Trustees

  • David L. Callecod, FACHE (Chairman) 
  • Betty Brown 
  • Allen Celestine
  • James Falterman, Jr., M.D. 
  • Joby John, Ph.D. 
  • Rosemary St. Clergy