Julian Knott | Director of Imaging

Keeping Care Close to Home


Good News! You do not have to drive all over Acadiana for imaging and lab services. St. Martin Hospital (SMH) offers the latest diagnostic imaging technology and laboratory tests, close to home.

SMH Recognized for Excellence in Patient Perspective


St. Martin Hospital has been recognized for Excellence in Patient Perspective.

Kathleen Clark | Director of Patient Clinics

St. Martin Wound Care Center Makes Advancements


St. Martin Hospital (SMH) Wound Care Center is proud to announce the first successful application of PuraPly, an advanced tissue graft which is clinically proven to accelerate the healing of wounds.

Kathleen Clark | Director of Patient Clinics

St. Martin Hospital Wound Care Center Now Open


St. Martin Hospital (SMH) held a ribbon-cutting on May 3 for their Wound Care Center, the first one in St. Martin Parish.

Kathleen Clark | Director of Patient Clinics

St. Martin Hospital Now Offers Wound Care Services


St. Martin Hospital (SMH) now offers advanced wound care services under acclaimed international wound care expert, Kerry T. Thibodeaux, M.D., FACS.

Adam Kennedy, M.D. | Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedic Services Offered at St. Martin Hospital


I have received a warm welcome from the people of Breaux Bridge and St. Martin Parish since expanding my practice here. Now, to meet the needs of the community I am devoting an additional day to see patients! I am thrilled to be the only orthopedic physician with an office in this area with access to St. Martin Hospital.

Julian C. Knott R.T. (R) (T)

Mammograms Get Double Checked at St. Martin Hospital


Computer-aided detection (CAD) is a recent advance in the field of breast imaging and is designed to improve radiologists’ ability to find even the smallest breast cancers at their earliest stages. At St. Martin Hospital, we are capable of offering CAD services to all of our patients.

Things to Know About St. Martin Hospital's Medicaid Clinic


Did you know the Medicaid Clinic located in St. Martin Hospital Specialty Center provides treatment from common illnesses and minor injuries to chronic disease management and primary preventive care for both pediatric and adult patients with Medicaid insurance?

The Importance of Health Screenings


Colorectal screening is the process of looking for cancer or pre-cancer in people who don’t have any symptoms of the disease. Regular colorectal cancer screening can often find colorectal cancer at an early stage, when it might be easier to treat

Strengthening Hearts with Cardiac Rehab


Cardiac Rehabilitation is a medically supervised program consisting of exercise training, education on heart healthy living, and counseling to reduce stress. This helps patients return to an active lifestyle and recover faster.

Are You Prepared for Flu Season?


With the start of football season comes the start of flu season. Just as you prepare for the things you look forward to from season to season, it’s equally as important to prepare for flu season.

Rehab for the Heart


Only five states outside of Louisiana have a higher population of its adult residents suffer a heart attack. If you have heart disease or a cardiac event (like a heart attack), your first exercise may be through a medically supervised program called Cardiac Rehabilitation. 

St. Martin Hospital ER Open 24/7


Having an Emergency Room available to serve St. Martin Parish has been important to this community since our hospital was first founded in 1969. Today, we are fortunate to have a state- of-the-art facility that can handle severe cases, or treat non-severe cases through our Fast Track program.

Anticoagulation Center of Excellence


St. Martin Hospital (SMH) recently passed the Anticoagulation Forum’s assessment test, naming the hospital an “Anticoagulation Center of Excellence”. This distinction demonstrates SMH’s strong commitment to providing high quality local care to St. Martin Parish.

Smoking Cessation at St. Martin Hospital


One out of every four residents in Louisiana smokes cigarettes making our state sixth in the nation for smoking prevalence. Smoking is also the leading cause of death in the United States. The risk of lung cancer, heart disease and stroke increases for smokers and nonsmokers who are exposed to cigarette smoke.

Telemedicine at St. Martin Hospital


In an effort to keep our patients closer to home when they have a need for a cardiac evaluation or treatment, St. Martin Hospital (SMH) has partnered with Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS). This partnership provides expert cardiac services 24/7 with board certified cardiologists and specialized nurse practitioners.

St. Martin Hospital - Hospital of the Year


St. Martin Hospital (SMH) received top honors at the 16th annual Nightingale Awards on April 1 in Baton Rouge. Named Hospital of the Year (60 Beds or Fewer), SMH joins an elite group of hospitals recognized by the Louisiana State Nurses Association and Louisiana Nurses Foundation. This annual banquet recognizes outstanding leaders in healthcare and nurses with lifelong contributions to their field are inducted into the Nursing Hall of Fame.