Kim Dooley

Director of Financial Services 
Sandi Hernandez

Chief of Staff
Robert Blem, M.D.

Growth Through Leadership

Lafayette General Surgical Hospital (LGSH) experienced its highest patient volume during fiscal year 2014, performing 5,369 surgeries, representing a 12% increase over the year prior.

Several factors drove this extraordinary growth. New technology and equipment was added, including image-guided sinus surgery equipment, allowing physicians to more precisely navigate each patient’s unique sinus anatomy.

To support its growing orthopedic service line, LGSH invested over $150,000 in new product innovations for less invasive surgeries. This included instrumentation used to perform delicate hand and wrist surgery to help restore sensation while avoiding further nerve damage. New technology and skilled surgeons increased confidence in LGSH’s already well-respected orthopedic services. Consequently, LGSH’s orthopedic business saw a dramatic 40% increase in surgical volume from the previous fiscal year.

Throughout the fiscal year, employee satisfaction remained a key component to the hospital’s multiple achievements. Keeping employees engaged in the work they love is in direct correlation to the high level of service rendered, evident in employee and patient satisfaction scores, both in the 99th percentile for the year.

Lafayette General Surgical Hospital Executive Committee Members

  • Ricardo R. Leoni II, M.D. 
  • Philip Gachassin, M.D.
  • Joby John, Ph.D.
  • David L. Callecod, FACHE
  • Martin Bech
  • Angela Mayeaux-Hebert, M.D.
  • Bradley Chastant, M.D.