CEO - Lafayette General Medical Center
Patrick W. Gandy, Jr.

Vice President / Chief Nursing Officer
Becki Benoit

Vice President / Operations
Dean Ducote

Chief of Staff
Juan Perez-Ruiz, M.D.

Administrative Team

The executive leadership of Lafayette General Health runs the day-to-day operations of the health system, its affiliates and partners. Contact the administration office at (337) 289-7374.

Growth Through Leadership

Construction began on the $52.5 million Emergency Department and Operating Room expansion and renovation project. The expansion will increase Emergency Department (ED) bed capacity from 31 beds to 45, and two new trauma rooms will be added. A new trauma elevator will add direct access from the emergency helipad landing area to the ED, ICU and surgery areas below. This will make LGMC the only facility with such direct access, helping to conserve precious, life-saving time in helicopter transports and other emergencies. The new surgery area will have 13 state-of-the-art operating rooms, in addition to three existing OB-GYN surgical suites in LGMC’s Pavilion for women and children. Construction and renovation is expected to last all of fiscal year 2014, as well.

In non-construction news, LGMC has launched a Certified Nursing Aide school to help prepare nursing students for Louisiana certification.

Membership Corporation & Board of Trustees

The Membership Corporation is charged with overseeing the health system to assure that, from the community's standpoint, we have the facilities, personnel and services to provide excellent diagnostic, medical, surgical and hospital care. Fifty volunteers serve without compensation for up to two successive five-year terms each.
From this group, our Board of Trustees is chosen. This group meets monthly to provide feedback and direction, and to make operational decisions with the administrative team.
Board of Trustees

Front Row (l-r): Julie Falgout; Bradley J. Chastant, M.D.; Braden Despot (Secretary); Clay M. Allen (Chairman);
Edward J. Krampe (Vice Chairman); David T. Calhoun; Robert Giles; Philip Gachassin, M.D.

Back row (l-r): Mandi Mitchell; Joby John, Ph.D.; Flo Meadows (Treasurer); Samuel Shuffler, M.D.; William
Fenstermaker (Past Chairman); David Wilson; Benjamin Doga, M.D.; Gary Salmon; Rose Kennedy, M.D.;
G. Gary Guidry, M.D.

Not Pictured: Martin Bech, E. Gregory Voorhies and Joe Zanco