Chief Executive Officer 
Bryce Quebodeaux 

Director of Nursing 
Sally Roberts 

Chief Financial Officer 
Mary Melancon 

Chief Medical Officer 
Scott Bergeaux, M.D.

Growth Through Leadership

Abrom Kaplan Memorial Hospital (AKMH) celebrated its one-year anniversary with Lafayette General Health in fiscal year 2016. AKMH focused on quality, community care and connecting patients with specialized services without leaving Kaplan.

Quality care at AKMH saw major improvements and innovations. AKMH implemented telemedicine services, which improved the efficiency of care delivery and created a new dynamic in patient interactions. Telemedicine filled gaps in care and expanded access to medical specialists, providing 24/7 services with a hospitalist or cardiologist that were not previously offered around the clock.

The hospital’s partnership with Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS) specifically enhanced its cardiology services. AKMH launched its Telecardiology program in July, linking atients to CIS in Opelousas.

AKMH further connected women in Kaplan with advanced medical technology by providing the only Digital Mammography machine in the area. This important test offers patients a better chance at detecting breast cancer.

The Rehabilitation Department at AKMH exemplified community outreach by providing free screenings during Better Hearing and Speech Month. The screenings connected local children, ages one through 12 years old, with certified speech-language pathologists. Children were evaluated for communication concerns including language disorders, speech sound disorders, stuttering and voice disorders.

AKMH continued to give back by sponsoring a new city walking trail promoting physical fitness within the community.

AKMH Board of Directors 

  • David L. Callecod, FACHE (Chairman) 
  • Ronald Menard 
  • Lyman Trahan