Payment Options 

Our goal is to help you to restore, maintain and improve your health... both in our hospital facilities as well as after you get home.  In an effort to make paying for your care as simple and stress-free as possible, we have several payment options for both convenience and affordability.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us.  

Pay My Bill Now - with Credit or Debit Card

Welcome to Quick Pay, Lafayette General Health’s online bill paying and viewing system. With Quick Pay, you can conveniently view or pay all of your accounts with Lafayette General Health.

To get started, you only need 4 items to access the system:
  1. Last name* of bill recipient (addressee)
  2. Date of birth of bill recipient (addressee)
  3. Access code* located at the bottom of your billing statement
  4. Payment type** (credit card, debit card or flexible-spending card)
* See example image below for reference
** Card face must display a primary financial logo or bank, such as Visa or MasterCard

View our Billing FAQ's if you have questions regarding billing, insurance or submitting an online payment. If you can't find these items or don't have your bill, then please call (337) 289-7287. 

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Apply for Payment Plan in Minutes 

Spread the cost of your treatment out into affordable monthly payments... With one application, get medical loan options from up to 14 lenders to compare rates, terms and select the best option. Lafayette General Health offers patients Parasail payment plans which are easy, affordable and hassle-free!   
Turn a bill for $3,000 
Into monthly payments for approx: $58/month for 60 months (see details below)

Requires credit application, but applying does not affect your credit. Parasail searches for fixed-rate loan offers from top online lenders. Parasail is paid by the lenders, not you, so you can find the best offer in one place with no markup. You may need your bank login to complete the payment plan setup. The loan example above is for a well-qualified applicant - 5.99% APR.