Making A Difference

Lafayette General’s “Making a Difference” program recognizes those employees who go above and beyond in the act of helping others. They represent the very best of Lafayette General by truly making a difference in the lives they touch.

Kim Hoffpauir, Executive Assistant at Acadia General Hospital


Two years later, Kim Hoffpauir, Executive Assistant at Acadia General Hospital, is still making a difference in the life of a patient.

Tanner Wyatt, LPN with UHC’s Medical Surgical Unit, and Natasha Boutte, Food and Nutrition Services


Tanner Wyatt and Natasha Boutte went above and beyond to ensure their patient was well taken care of on his birthday.

Heather Smith, Director of Cardiopulmonary Services at UHC


Not only is Heather Smith, Director of Cardiopulmonary Services at UHC, an example to her standards team, but she is also a beautiful example of a heart for service.

Julie St. Martin, RN at UHC


Julie St. Martin initiated a gathering of supplies from fellow UHC team members, packed her truck, grabbed her water gear and set out to rescue as many Harvey victims as she could.

Deborah McZeal, Case Manager Utilization at UHC


Deborah McZeal, Case Manager Utilization at UHC, goes out of her way on a daily basis to “Make a Difference” in the lives of coworkers and patients in need. Find out how she made a difference.

Yolanda Breaux, Pharmacy Tech


An elderly woman in UHC’s Outpatient Pharmacy showed signs that she may not be taking her medication properly. Find out what Yolanda Breaux,Pharmacy Tech, did to ensure the woman would receive the proper care and assistance she needed.

Claire James, LPN


Claire James, RN, at Lafayette General Urgent Care in River Ranch was able to pay it forward to a very special nurse in her life. Find out what Claire did to pay it forward to someone who had provided such great care for her before.

Fallon Carnell, Medical Office Assistant


When a patient at Cancer Center of Acadiana locked their keys in their vehicle, Fallon Carnell, acted quickly to ensure the patient made it home safely. Find out what she did to make a difference in one patient’s life.

Tina Sinegal, CNA, Lorraine Chaisson, CNA and Mona Ledford, Ward Clerk


When a homeless man who could not speak was discharged from the ED, Tina Sinegal, LORRAINE Chaisson and Mona Ledford showed what right looks like by helping him get back on his feet before leaving the hospital.

Maureen Ludovico, CNA


When a single mother of two young children fell and needed surgery, Maureen Ludovico was on her second shift as an LGMC employee. She demonstrated what right looks like by going above and beyond to make sure this mother and her children were well taken care of.

Amanda Turner


Not only did Amanda Turner help one new employee who was also new to the Lafayette area get herself established in town, she was able to help two simultaneously. Learn more about how Amanda made a difference in the two new employees lives.

Tracey Pellerin. RN


When a staff member at LGMC with a terminal illness went into St. Joseph’s Hospice Tracy Pellerin worked quickly to ensure the employee who has made a difference in many lives, was honored for her years of service.

Megan Comeaux, RN


When Megan learned her patient was homeless, she felt the need to help him. Find out what Megan did to help her patient get back on his feet.

Benjamin Gary, RN


Known as someone who is always there when you need him, Benjamin went out of his way to be with an unlikely patient. Find out what he did to comfort his patient.

Ted Breaux & Others (LGMC Facility Services)


The season of giving was in full swing at the end of 2016 and a few LGH employees were able to turn a small gesture into a big difference. Find out what Ted Breaux and others from LGMC Facility Services did to help turn around a little girl's Christmas.

Jill Daigle, RN


Admission to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) can be an unexpected and traumatic experience. This was the case with one such patient who unfortunately passed away. But for Jill Daigle, RN and Team Leader at LGMC, that didn’t mean she had to stop caring for the patient. Find out what Jill did to help her patient’s family after they left the hospital.

Kateri Gabriel


You never know when, where or how you can make a difference! When a young patient couldn’t afford a new t-shirt to wear when she was able to go home, Kateri’s small act of kindness went a long way. Find out what Kateri did to bring a smile to the patient’s face.

Erica Rochester, CNA


Working in the medical field means having an eye for detail. That can surely be said about Erica Rochester, CNA. Find out how Erica went above and beyond to care for both her patient and her patient’s daughter.

Sally Saloom, RN


Sally Saloom, RN and Case Manager at LGMC, proves that patient care doesn’t stop once your shift is over. Find out what Sally did to help a patient with no transportation and very little means to purchase their medication.

Hayden Schulze


Hayden Schulze is a Customer Support Analyst for Lafayette General Health and recently went above and beyond to support a stranger. Find out how Hayden proved an LGH employee would “give someone the shirt off of their back”.

Yvette Blackwell


When a young boy was wondered off from his grandmother and was lost at Burden Rhiel Center, Yvette Blackwell jumped right into action. Find out what Yvette did to help the young boy reunite with his grandmother.

Christine Huval


When a patient was checking in for a scheduled respiratory test, Christine asked him “How are you doing today?” The patient began telling her about pain he had radiating down his arm, find out how Christine not only listened but acted to quickly to get the patient the services he needed.

Lisa Koch


When not one but two members of the community were in need of extra medical assistance, Lisa stepped up to the plate to lend a helping hand. Find out what Lisa to did to go above and beyond to help these two patients in a time of need.

Christi Mouton


Christi Mouton, RN at LGSW, was enjoying her lunch at a local restaurant when another patron began to choke on her food. Find out what Christi did to step in and save a stranger’s life.

Ashley Page


While driving down Pinhook Road in heavy traffic, Ashley noticed an elderly pedestrian laying on the sidewalk with one leg in the road. Find out what Ashley did to help save his life.

Brandon Savoy


After performing a carotid ultrasound on a local firefighter, Brandon went out of his way to help turn the patient’s wife’s day around. Find out what Brandon did to bring tears of joy to a patient’s loved one.

Mary Neustrom


A patient that lost belongings while being transferred between two other facilities before arriving at LGMC. Find out what Mary Neustrom, an Occupational Therapist, did to help that patient track down the lost items.

Dr. Julie Broussard and Dr. Brad Broussard


Dr. Julie Broussard, an Anesthesiologist, was headed home with her children when she witnessed a three-car accident. Soon after, her husband, Dr. Brad Broussard, a Pulmonologist and Intensivist (ICU physician), arrived on the scene. Find out what heroic deeds this husband-wife duo performed to save a life…

Patrice Ryckman, RN


A mom-to-be, whose husband was out of town, experienced a rupture that required her parents to drive her to the hospital. Find out how Patrice Ryckman, RN, who was exiting the hospital following a long workday, went the extra distance for this struggling patient, even while off the clock.

Bernice Kneeland - AGH


Bernice Kneeland, a Nursing Assistant at AGH made a specific promise to one of her patients. Find out what Bernice came in to do on her day off, to keep that promise…

Meghan Mattison, RN - UHC


A young teenage patient that is seen regularly in the Peds Clinic was threatening suicide. Find out what Meghan did to save the child’s life…

Amanda Ragas - UHC


Amanda was going for breakfast when a patient stopped her and asked her where she was going. Find out what Amanda did to fulfill the patient’s wishes…

Ryan Grob


One of Ryan’s patient’s wrote the hospital, saying Ryan was the most wonderful, and compassionate nurse she had ever experienced. Find out what Ryan did on his day off to help make his patient’s experience a good one.

Bryson Mestayer


Bryson Mestayer, an RN in the ICU, admitted a terminally ill patient on life support. The family inquired about the possibility of last rites through pastoral care, but there was no one on-call that evening for LGMC. Find out how he helped fulfill the family’s wishes for their loved one.

Vickie Shanks


A patient with a troubled past was admitted to LGMC for treatment. Find out what Vickie did to make an unforgettable impact on the patient’s life.

Making a Difference: Wayne Holder, RN


When an out-of-town man was air lifted from camping at Butte La Rose to LGMC, fighting for his life, his disabled wife had no way of driving herself to hospital to be with at her husband’s side.

Tim Rhinehart, Neuro/Tele Med Surg Unit


When the family of one of Tim’s patients made the difficult decision to put heir loved on in hospice care, Tim took time on his day off to pay the family a visit. Find out what Tim did, dressed in his best church attire, to help bring a moment of peace to the family.

Wellness Team - LGMC


While having chest pain at work in Avery Island, a gentleman drove himself to LGMC, but while trying to park to enter the ER, he became unresponsive.

Theresa Acosta, RN - LGMC ER


Theresa led the ER staff in locating a back-up battery for a patient wearing an electric heart-circulatory device who rushed unexpectedly to see a family member in the ICU.

Tomeika Scott, Staff RN


Emergency Departments often attract people who lack resources to pay for medical care. One day, a patient showed up seeking a pregnancy test in the ER and Tomeika was there to help.

Catherine Carriere - Receptionist & Research Aide for CCA


Catherine helped improve a cancer patient's situation and saved her time by helping to arrange care at our Abbeville location.

Tracy Garzotto - RN


By showing care and compassion after a long shift, Tracy helped save a young woman's life after experiencing a family tragedy.

Nicole Doiron - Case Manager


Case Manager Nicole Doiron proved that her compassion for patients doesn’t end after they leave the hospital.

Leah Bourgeois - Case Manager


Leah build a rapport with a patient's son in California that allowed him to trust Leah enough to be his eyes and ears.

Kent James - Security Guard


Security Officer Kent James searched all over the LGMC campus for an employee's wallet, which was found in a high trafficked area.

Amy Walker, P.A.


Physician’s Assistant Amy Walker met a patient's wife at a pharmacy so that his prescription could be filled.

Jennifer Billedeaux - RN


Jennifer personifies what it means to be a nurse with genuine love for others through her assistance with a new mother.

Ashley Walton - RN


Ashley’s proactive measures helped put her patient at ease, and cemented a trustful bond between this family and Lafayette General.

Erin DuFour - RN


Erin went above and beyond in patient care to assist a homeless women who suffered from an internal brain hemorrhage.

John Kimball - RN, Case Manager


By securing a few possessions this a was clinging to, John demonstrated that a dedicated RN goes outside their job description to truly care for a patient.

Angela Melancon - Security Operations Manager


A Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) paying her bill inside Patient Accounts realized she had locked her keys in her car, along with her insulin.

Sam Olivier - Respiratory Therapist


On the night of November 19, 2014, Respiratory Therapist Sam Olivier was on his way home when he witnessed a vehicular accident. What he did next exemplifies who we are.

Michael Dozier - Chief Information Officer


Dr. Bryan Sibley had been having trouble with his laptop computer, inhibiting his ability to log into LGMC’s system and care for his patients.

Matthew Sibille, RN - LGMC ER


A few days after Christmas, the home of Acadian Ambulance crew member Brian Guillory was burglarized. Matthew's actions helped turn a travesty into a great Christmas story.

Damon Cudihy, M.D. - OB/GYN


When OB/GYN Dr. Damon Cudihy grew concerned over one of his patients, it was about more than just their medical condition, so he decided to do something about it.

Rebecca Clause - Director of Revenue Management


Some events illustrate that the culture of caring at Lafayette General extends beyond our health care providers.

LGMC NICU Transport Team & Acadian Ambulance


A relaxing vacation in Florida seemed like a good idea before LGMC employees Renee and Brandon would become first time parents in the next couple of months.

Judi Fontenot, LPN - Family Health Plaza


Judi showed kindness and professionalism while assisting a mother and her child who was suffering from severe separation anxiety.

Michelle Harring, Secretary - GI Unit


Walking to lunch near Burdin Riehl Center one afternoon, Michelle noticed another pedestrian who appeared to be acting irrationally. She called the GI Unit for their assistance in helping someone in urgent need.

Manuel “Rod” Rodriguez, Melissa Hewitt, Leonard Zeno, Pierrette Dupree, Lynn Percle, David Gray, Troy Albert and Richard “Waterman” Brown


The Security Department at LGMC serves more than just people, learn how they rescued a few animals in need.

Kirsten Byrd, RN - Radiology


A couple was in town on vacation in the U.S. from England when the husband became ill, requiring him to be admitted to Intensive Care. Alone, with no family or friends in the country, the wife had been staying in a nearby hotel between visiting hours.

Chris Guidry - RN ICU


Chris, an ICU nurse, gave a patient the strength to fight for her life after she was transported to Lafayette General Medical Center in critical condition.

Dwayne Andrus - Valet


Valet parking attendant Dwayne Andrus was driving a vehicle to a lot when he noticed a woman lying on the ground. He knew something wasn’t right.

Loretta Dean - CNA, Med/Surgery


Though her compassion, teamwork and humor with her patients, Loretta inspired a patient escort to pursue CNA School with the LGMC School of Health Sciences.

Victoria Broussard - RN, Med/Surgery


After a patient accidentally rolled up his handmade prayer blanket into his bed linens, Victoria went through the laundry in the collection area but could not locate it. Instead of giving up, she found a replacement for him, showing her passion and dedication towards her patients.

Hester Thomas - RN, Nurse Navigator


Employee who failed Smokerlyzer test, to identify chronic smokers, and her family saved from Carbon Monoxide poisoning thanks to Hester's questioning about their living arrangements.

Alyssa Ledet


One her flight home from vacation, Alyssa sprung into action when a passenger began showing signs of a heart attack.

Wendy Reaux - Revenue Managment


Wendy assisted with a patient that was blind, deaf and mute, making it extremely difficult for the staff to communicate with and care for him until an interpreter could arrive, calming the patient's anxiety and facilitating the delivery of care.

Jude Scelfo - Health Information Managment


Jude’s bravery and courage serves as an inspiration for the entire LGMC staff after returning to work following diagnosis and treatment of brain cancer.

Leah Trahan - RN/NICU


Leah was on-hand to administer CPR after a 3-year-old collapsed at a fast food restaurant following a simple dental procedure.

Daniel Bourque, M.D.


An unemployed mother with a newborn in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit often took the bus or walked to the hospital to see her baby.

Erik Hauser - Valet


Erik stopped traffic outside of the hospital to swoop a young child from the roadway and return her to her mother.

Making a Difference: Hope Rummel - LGI


LGI-May 2013

Kelsey Shear


A pregnant psych patient was on the Admit Discharge Unit for eight days awaiting placement in a facility that could help her – when Kelsey Shear entered her life.

Melissa Hewitt


Melissa Hewitt had just brought a home-cooked meal to fellow employees on her Saturday off. That’s just the beginning.

Cindy Guillory, Betty Mouton, Robin Wold and Kerrie Leblanc


A heart-warming gesture by these workers helped someone in need that day.

April Jeffery


Ms. Lacobie says that April is an angel and was sweet and kind to her in her time of need.

Lacey Jones


Lacey is one of the night team leaders on the 5th floor.

Donna Marcantel


Donna Marcantel, RN from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, recently held a baby shower for a couple with a newborn in NICU.

Jonathon Koob


An aspiring and active young Boy Scout had decided he wanted to become an Eagle Scout. When he was unexpectedly diagnosed with a rare disorder of his nervous system that limited his physical activity, his goal seemed nearly impossible, even though the disorder is commonly outgrown well after teenage years.

Making a Difference: Reggie Patin


Reggie Patin, an ICU Tech and Acadiana fire fighter, was recently in the vicinity of the Emergency Department parking lot when he saw a woman collapse. Reggie was quick to respond.

Hilton Dugas


Hilton says that, because of the stroke education he received here at the hospital, he was able to recognize the warning signs and, in turn, help save someone’s life.

Judy Ames


Her persistence in getting the mom to act more immediately made the difference between a critical situation and a manageable one.

Joni Dorn


Mr. Butler says he and his father-in-law will always remember how satisfied and pleasantly overwhelmed they were with Ms. Dorn’s demeanor, attitude, commitment and professionalism.

Deedra Harrington


Harrington was returning from a lunch break when she saw a man lying on the track at Girard Park.

How Krista Dischler is "Making a Difference"


Concerned Employee Saves Coworker

Cafey Hunter


A letter to the CEO received September 14, 2011:

Kathy Fontenot


Nominated by Sheila Dugas, Diagnostics Supervisor:

Jeanne Sonnier


Letter to the CEO received August 22, 2011:

Jill Thiele


Jill has only been here 5 months, and she is already spreading her magic.

Robin Beacom


Robin is always smiling and has a positive attitude. BY being positive, ALWAYS, Robin is able to improve any environment she enters

Erin Shipley


How about Erin Shipley, staff RN in ED!! She is THE reason the ED terminal cleaning was completed, but that is not the most amazing part.

Suzette Ross


Her story was reported by Linda Cart of Antoni's and Anjanette Hebert, director of Security.

Fallon Savoy


Excerpts of a letter written to hospital administration from the Conn family:

Margo Hains is "Making a Difference"


This is an email from Sandra Keller, director of Corporate Compliance, as written to CFO, Roger Mattke.

Grace Huval


This is an email by Kim Bourgeois, Director of Food and Nutrition, showing the exceptional kindness of Grace Huval to a patient in what was to be his last days.

How Darlene David is "Making a Difference"


This is an excerpt from a letter written by S. Conques about an October 2008 moment that made a difference.

Donald Williams


Dr. Kim Hardey related this message from his experience:

Janice Vincent


This is an excerpt from a letter written by patient M. Bordelon about her September 2008 hospital stay.

Terry Ledet


This is an excerpt from a letter written by patient Bruce Rozas about his Summer 2008 hospital stay.