Lafayette General Foundation

With your generosity, and by eagerly listening to our staff, patients and our community, Lafayette General Foundation (LGF) helps provide innovations that transform how care is delivered. We fundraise, boost projects and aim to improve outcomes, satisfaction and create a healthier future for all.

The Foundation's mission is, To Link Investors' Passion to the mission of Lafayette General Health (To Restore, Maintain and Improve Health).

Our role is to find and connect the pieces, people and processes with our resources, our supporters and our heads and hearts.

Lafayette General Health (LGH) is Acadiana’s only community-owned nonprofit health system. As the philanthropic arm of the health system, LGF raises funds to supplement LGH resources, provide services and offer additional technology to further the progress of healthcare. By supporting innovations that transform how healthcare is delivered, LGF enhances the health system’s ability to treat patients, leading to improved outcomes, satisfaction and financial stability.

LGF has developed four different avenues for gifts of all sizes: 1) Traditional Hospital Philanthropic Fund, 2) Innovation Fund, 3) Real Estate Fund, 4) Research Fund.

For more information, call the Foundation at 337-571-0080 or email