Employee SERVICE Standards of Behavior

As an employee of Lafayette General Health, I believe that there is no higher responsibility than to provide and ensure high quality and a caring environment for our patients, customers and coworkers. I know that I am only one person, but I also know that it only takes one person to make a difference, either positive or negative. When I choose to work within this system, I am choosing to embrace the following SERVICE standards and behavioral values in order to promote the mission and vision of our system. I will be both committed to and accountable for demonstrating supportiveness, etiquette, respect, vibrancy, integrity, communication and excellence in service delivery by adhering to the behaviors specified in this document.


  • I will welcome new employees to the system.
  • I will be a team player and work collaboratively to help others, including those outside of my department. I will avoid using the phrase, "That’s not my job."
  • I will recognize, praise and thank my fellow workers as well as my customers and patients.
  • I will have a mentor and be a mentor.
  • I will promote confidence in LGH by speaking well of my co-workers, medical staff and any part of our system, especially but not only, in front of patients.


  • I will use AIDET always.
  • I will use proper phone etiquette by identifying myself & the department, followed by a pleasant greeting.
  • I will follow the 10/5 rule: acknowledging the person at 10 feet away with a smile, saying "hello” at 5 feet away.
  • I will allow patients, customers & guests on and off an elevator first.
  • I will help lost guests and new employees by escorting them to their destination. I will avoid merely pointing in a general direction.


  • I will dress to reflect respect and professionalism. I will be mindful of what my appearance portrays by wearing clothes that are clean, neat and in good repair. (Policy V-D4)
  • I will respect my coworkers by ensuring that my workspace is clean, neat and organized prior to leaving each day or night.
  • I will respect my patient’s dignity. I will knock before entering patient rooms and appropriately cover patients being transferred or transported.
  • I will respect religious and cultural diversity, as well as those with special needs.


  • I will make a conscious decision to have a positive, willing and flexible attitude each day.
  • I will be attentive and alert, ready to help at all times. I will promptly acknowledge people who approach me or my desk.
  • I will wear my name badge properly on the upper part of my body where it proudly communicates who I am and what I do.
  • I will promote a nurturing, healing and safe physical environment by removing clutter, ensuring cleanliness and keeping equipment in working order. I will report any damaged equipment or unsafe situations immediately.
  • I will care for my own health, well-being and emotions so that I can better care for others.
  • I will embrace change by contributing & being open to new ideas & approaches. Further, I will avoid using phrases like, "But that’s how we’ve always done it.”


  • I will lead by example.
  • I will ensure the privacy and validity of all medical records, correspondence and confidential dialogue.
  • I will proactively seek opportunities for continued learning, as well as professional and personal growth.
  • I will be fiscally responsible by not wasting hospital time, resources or equipment.


  • I will explain things in a way people can understand.
  • I will remember that body language is a powerful communicator. I will smile and demonstrate an open, friendly posture.
  • I will take the time to listen — to employees, patients, customers, administrators, guests, etc. - making eye contact when possible.
  • I will give and receive constructive criticism in a timely manner and turn it into an opportunity to improve.
  • I will take the time to read hospital and system communications (emails, flyers, bulletins, policies, electronic boards, etc.) to stay informed of responsibilities, changes and events. I will avoid repeatedly using the phrase, "I didn’t know.”
  • I will ensure that employees and patients are informed and updated about changes. Further, I will foster participation in decision making to the greatest extent possible.
  • I will avoid using communication devices (cell phones, text, internet, iPod) for personal reasons during work time. (Policy V-D7)

Excellence (in service delivery)

  • I will convey concern and compassion as well as a willingness to serve.
  • I will respond to all calls for assistance in a timely manner (1-2 min.) and provide periodic progress reports.
  • I will know and utilize the ACT Complaint Resolution/Service Recovery Policy when presented with any complaint(s) from patients, visitors, employees, vendors and medical professionals. (Policy II-U)