Careers FAQs

Q:  Can I just fax, mail or email my resume for consideration?

A:  We accept applications and resumes online only through our Careers page.

Q:  How do I check the status of my applications?

A:  The only method to check the status of your application is to log onto your Lafayette General Health applicant profile on the Careers page. Use your username and password you created during the application process.

Q:  I don’t see the job I was interested in listed on the website. Is the position still open? Can I still apply for the job?

A:  When the job is no longer listed on our website, it has been filled.

Q:  I met with one of your Hiring Managers. How will I know if I got the job?

A:  If you were selected for a position, a member of our Human Resources team will contact you with a job offer. 

Q:  Should I apply to more than one position?

A:  Applicants should apply to all available positions of interest. Applying to one position will not guarantee consideration for all similar positions. 

Q:  Will I have to undergo a background check, drug tests and health test or have a credit report done if I want to work for Lafayette General?

A:  All selected applicants must agree to our entire pre-employment hiring process which includes a background check, drug test, and health screening. Depending on the position, applicants may also undergo pre-employment testing and credit checks. 

Q:  Will you let me know that you received my application?

A:   If you provided us with a valid email address, you will receive an email confirming that your application has been received.