Yolanda Breaux, Pharmacy Tech


Sometimes, giving a patient a little extra attention can lead to “Making a Difference”. A Pharmacy Tech at University Hospital & Clinics, Yolanda Breaux noticed something peculiar about a patient’s behavior. This elderly patient repeatedly came in to refill her prescription long before the recommended refill date. When Yolanda struck up a conversation with the patient, she learned the elderly woman lived alone.

Yolanda encouraged the patient to contact the Council of Aging in Lafayette and even reached out to them on the patient’s behalf. Through those efforts, the patient now has someone to help her with her medications. Not only that, the agency arranged for someone to help clean the patient’s house twice a week. After noticing a patient who might be in need and acting on those instincts, Yolanda has proven you can start “Making a Difference” in someone’s life, no matter their age. Way to go Yolanda!  

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