Wendy Reaux - Revenue Managment


Wendy Reaux works in Revenue Management at LGMC, but was staying at the hospital day and night with a family member that was a patient. Her family member communicates only through sign language. One morning, a patient was admitted to the hospital that was blind, deaf and mute, making it extremely difficult for the staff to communicate with and care for him. The patient was in need of attention and extremely anxious regarding his care. He was in an unfamiliar setting, with unfamiliar people and had no family with him.

The nursing staff desperately asked Wendy for help. Without hesitation, she volunteered and went to the patient. She began to sign a message into the patient’s hand, to which he signed back, "Hi.” She calmed his anxiety, allowing the nurses to provide him the care he needed until an interpreter could arrive at the hospital. Wendy being there, so willing to assist, is an example of the people at Lafayette General who are always willing to do what is right for the patient. Wendy was that right person at the right time for that patient.

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