Victoria Broussard - RN, Med/Surgery


A patient who was in a coma after a heart attack had a prayer blanket handmade for him. When he awoke, he credited part of his recovery to the blanket that was laid on him, and the prayers that were said as it was being made. Unfortunately, he rolled the blanket into his hospital sheets, and when the laundry load was picked up for cleaning, the player blanket went with it. Some eight hours later, he notified his nurse, Victoria Broussard, that he’d lost his blanket. Victoria diligently searched through every bag of soiled linen on the unit, and then went down to the laundry collection area to see if there were more bags she could search through. But, the linen company had already come to pick up their load for the day. The blanket was lost. When Victoria told him she could not find it, he told her he hopes someone gets it that needs healing. Victoria couldn’t let it end there, though. She decided to search for another prayer blanket to replace the one that was lost. She did find one, bought it for him, and gave it to the patient. This is just one example of the passion and dedication Victoria has toward her patients. She makes a difference each and every day.

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