Vickie Shanks


A patient with a troubled past was admitted to LGMC for treatment.

The patient was a former drug addict that needed open-heart surgery for a valve replacement. She was on a heparin drip that required frequent lab draws. When visiting with the patient to draw labs, Phlebotomist Vickie Shanks made a personal connection with the patient.

The patient said that, in the past, she always felt judged for her lifestyle. Being in the hospital this time made her feel like a better person because the staff was very supportive and encouraging.

Vickie made the biggest impact on her. The patient was treated like a regular human being. Vickie would sit down and talk to her to forge the personal bond. Vickie brought the patient gifts, including a scrapbook kit to keep her entertained while sitting in the hospital bed, clothes and even a very nice gift basket filled with goodies and supplies for her birthday.

The type of attention and time Vickie gave to this patient went a long way. The patient was compliant enough after surgery to get her life back on track.

All of this was possible because of the encouragement given to her by Vickie.

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