University Hospital & Clinics begins new era


University Medical Center (UMC) is now University Hospital & Clinics (UHC), as management of the hospital transfers from the State of Louisiana to Lafayette General Health (LGH) under a long-term agreement signed in May. The name change is symbolic, but does not infer a disruption in service.

The new UHC is open and available to everyone in the community as a full-service hospital and offers a variety of specialized clinics. UHC has the resources to treat everything from major emergencies to minor illnesses. LGH hopes to make these services more helpful, efficient and beneficial.

Lafayette General board members, LGH President/CEO David L. Callecod, FACHE, new UHC President/CEO Jared L. Stark, FACHE, other hospital officials and members of the local legislative delegation were all on hand Monday morning for the official unveiling of the new sign reflecting the name change of the hospital.

"The threat of UMC closing was something we couldn’t accept,” says Callecod. "Keeping it open, but reducing the hospital to 15 beds would have been devastating to our community.

"We felt we had a moral obligation to step in and provide these services and greatly expand the medical education opportunities in Lafayette.”

The new arrangement calls for Lafayette General Health (the health system that manages Lafayette General Medical Center, Lafayette General Surgical Hospital, St. Martin Hospital and Abrom-Kaplan Memorial Hospital) to manage UHC and its residents and clinics. The residency program at UHC will eventually grow to include Lafayette General Medical Center (LGMC), making LGMC a teaching hospital for the first time.

"This is a transformational moment for our community,” says Callecod. "University Hospital & Clinics has the potential to become a very special facility as it expands and grows.

"With Lafayette General Medical Center becoming a major teaching hospital on July 1, high quality physicians will be drawn to our campus. The residency programs at LGMC and UHC mean more doctors in the area, and that benefits all of Acadiana.”

Charity care is offered by UHC, allowing persons to receive medically necessary care at no charge or at a reduced charge when they meet financial eligibility requirements. UHC is committed to providing the highest quality inpatient and outpatient care to all patients, including uninsured and underinsured patients. Walk-in visits may obtain referrals to any of the hospitals clinics on campus.

Capacity at UHC will eventually grow to 10 ICU beds and 56 telemetry/inpatient beds for a total of 66 beds, in addition to four operating rooms. As of June 24, 511 former UMC employees have been hired by UHC, with a total of 634 individuals employed at the facility.

Other administrative personnel at UHC include Glenn Craig, who has served as interim administrator, named Chief Operating Officer, Laurence Vincent remains Chief Nursing Officer, Brian Kirk named Chief Financial Officer and James Falterman, M.D., will continue to run the Graduate Medical Education program.

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