UHC Conducting Clinical Trial on Lymphoma


University Hospital & Clinics (UHC) is seeking men and women, ages 18 and older, diagnosed with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma to participate in a research study. This study, called Wolverine, will compare the effectiveness of an investigational medication in subjects who did not respond well to previous treatment or experienced relapse after treatment.

Medical Oncologist John M. Rainey, M.D., Director of Oncology and Oncological Research at UHC, will preside over this study, sponsored by ProNAi Therapeutics. The investigational drug PNT2258 will be evaluated in terms of safety and efficacy.

UHC participates in clinical trials and studies to help improve future patient care and disease prevention. Clinical trials can offer several benefits, such as access to investigational treatments and drugs that might not otherwise be available. Trials also help expand knowledge about the best ways to treat cancer.

Clinical trials also empower a patient who may not be responding ideally to treatment to make his or her own decision. Physicians, nurses and other team members will inform a patient on potential risks and benefits of participating in a clinical trial. The staff will then monitor and assess the progress of the trial and continue this through study completion.

When patients participate in a clinical trial, they are not only advancing medical technology, they are providing a valuable benefit to future generations.

For more information on this and other clinical trials available, call (337) 289-8658 or visit LafayetteGeneral.com/ClinicalTrials.

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