Tracy Garzotto - RN


Telemetry/Med Surg RN Tracy Garzotto had just finished her shift after a busy day. It was 8:30 at night when she finished charting, and she was walking to her car in the Burdin Riehl parking garage. Tracy exited the garage elevator on the third floor to find a young girl sitting on the ledge of the building.

Tracy approached the girl to ask if something was wrong. After several minutes, the girl finally broke down and admitted to Tracy that she was thinking about jumping. The girl’s mother was in Labor & Delivery and had just lost her newborn baby brother. Tracy stayed with the young girl, consoling her and calming her down. She then walked the girl to the family’s room in the hospital. Tracy discussed the events with the family, who was very thankful for Tracy’s intervention.

After staying over an hour with the girl and her family, Tracy made her departure for the night. For one girl and her family, Tracy proved that being a caring nurse and saving lives sometimes goes beyond the scope of medicine.

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