Tomeika Scott, Staff RN


Emergency Departments often attract people who lack resources to pay for medical care. By law, emergency rooms cannot turn patients away. One day, a patient showed up seeking a pregnancy test in the ER.

A staff nurse, Tomeika Scott, recognized that the young lady was in need of financial assistance and, just as importantly, some helpful guidance. Rather than being admitted to the ER, Tomeika gave the young lady $20 out of her own pocket and caringly explained to her an easier remedy. With the $20, the patient could purchase a pregnancy test from a pharmacy or drug store and also get herself something to eat with the remaining cash.

This spared the ER from tying up available, but costly, resources for people in need of true emergency care. Tomeika’s act of selflessness helped steer a person in need to the right place, while still upholding LGMC as a place where compassion comes from people who give more of themselves than just their job.

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