Tim Rhinehart, Neuro/Tele Med Surg Unit


Tim Rhinehart is currently working his third contract on 9 West, the Neuro/Tele (Med Surg) Unit. He has worked at both LGMC and University Hospital & Clinics for Lafayette General Health.

Tim is in the homestretch of his course preparation in pursuit of his master’s degree, and hopes to remain here at LGMC as a Nurse Practitioner. Tim has made a difference on this unit since his very first day. Staff, patients and family members constantly recognize his kindness, compassion and generosity.

Recently, Tim was caring for a patient who was not doing well. Unfortunately, the family was tasked with making a very difficult decision on how to proceed. Ultimately, the decision was Hospice care, which the patient’s family took very hard. Tim remained available and supportive during his time with this patient and family.

On Sunday, his day off, knowing this patient and family were religious, Tim, dressed in his best church attire, arrived on the unit, guitar in hand, to play and sing hymns for the patient and his family.

Tim selflessly allowed this patient and family the opportunity to be at peace, together in prayer, while he performed. It is hard to think of any act more deserving of being recognized.

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