Theresa Acosta, RN - LGMC ER


Heading to the hospital was almost a catastrophe for one man. Upon rushing unexpectedly to LGMC to see a family member in the ICU, he forgot his back-up batteries for his electric heart-circulatory device. The man felt weak, which indicated roughly 30 minutes before his battery failed, and his life would be at risk. The man was brought down to the ER for help.

In the ER, team leader Theresa Acosta, RN, led the staff in reacting immediately to try to get the man’s battery from home. Theresa contacted a medical transport company, knowing this was above and beyond the normal request of a hospital. The transport company had a unit near the person’s residency in Eunice, got the patient’s battery from people there, and headed for LGMC with lights and sirens going. But, the transport vehicle was still a long ways out. So, Theresa called the device manufacturer to discuss other options.

She kept the patient and family members informed about the situation and what was being done to help. The device manufacturer was able to locate one of its patients residing in New Iberia that could get to the hospital with extra batteries faster than the ambulance. Those batteries arrived just in time to save the man’s life. The dedication and cooperation in this event is a tribute to the total teamwork it takes to truly care for a patient in need. Theresa Acosta led this heroic team professionally, confidently and compassionately.

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