Tanner Wyatt, LPN with UHC’s Medical Surgical Unit, and Natasha Boutte, Food and Nutrition Services


Social worker, Danielle, brought it to Tanner Wyatt’s, LPN with UHC’s Medical Surgical Unit, attention that Mr. C in room 632 was celebrating his birthday. Wyatt made a phone call to the kitchen to ask if there was a chance they had a slice of cake or cupcake they could bring to him as a treat. That evening, Natasha Boutte from Food and Nutrition Services came to Mr. C’s room with a wrapped basket of treats and sang “Happy Birthday” to him, bringing tears to his eyes. A small reminder that we are all on the same team when it involves patient care.

Thank you to Tanner and Natasha for “Making a Difference” by going above and beyond to ensure patients and their families are well taken care of.

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