Strengthening Hearts with Cardiac Rehab


Cardiac Rehabilitation is a medically supervised program consisting of exercise training, education on heart healthy living, and counseling to reduce stress. This helps patients return to an active lifestyle and recover faster.

Cardiac Rehabilitation offers a multifaceted and highly individualized approach to optimize the overall physical, mental and social functioning of people with heart-related problems.

It is recommended in both the inpatient and outpatient settings for heart attack, angioplasty, heart bypass surgery, chronic chest pain, heart failure, heart transplant or valve replacement.

Some benefits of Cardiac Rehab include a 20-30% reduction in all-cause mortality rates; reduction in symptoms (chest pain, difficulty breathing, fatigue); reduction in nonfatal recurrent heart attacks; improved adherence with preventive medications; improved health factors like lipids and blood pressure; increased knowledge about heart disease and its management; enhanced ability to perform activities of daily living; improved health-related quality of life and psychosocial symptoms; reduced hospitalizations and use of medical resources; and increased ability to return to work or engage in leisure activities.

Evidence clearly shows that the more sessions patients attend, the better their outcomes and the lower their risk for heart attack and mortality compared with those who do not participate.

St. Martin Hospital is a proud supporter of heart health and is committed to providing the community with the highest level of health care.

St. Martin Hospital offers Cardiac Rehab classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The program is staffed with a registered nurse with surgical cardiology experience and a degree in Exercise Physiology. For enrollment in Cardiac Rehab, contact your physician.

For more information about the Cardiac Rehab program St. Martin Hospital, call (337) 442-6506.

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