Smoking Cessation at St. Martin Hospital


One out of every four residents in Louisiana smokes cigarettes making our state sixth in the nation for smoking prevalence. Smoking is also the leading cause of death in the United States. The risk of lung cancer, heart disease and stroke increases for smokers and nonsmokers who are exposed to cigarette smoke.

Smoking also costs the US billions of dollars annually in smoking associated diseases and missed work. Purchasing one pack of cigarettes a day can cost an estimated $2,190 A YEAR. A recent study suggests it may take an individual five to seven attempts to successfully quit smoking.

We are pleased to announce the Smoking Cessation Clinic at St. Martin Hospital Specialty Center is now accepting patients. The individual smoking cessation counseling provided to patients assists them in overcoming their smoking addiction. Our team has had great success with smoking cessation counseling and have several patients who have successfully quit after smoking for greater than 50 years.

Studies have shown the best smoking cessation programs include either one-on-one or group counseling.  There’s a strong link between how often and how long counseling lasts, its intensity and the success rate. The more intense the program, the greater the chance of success. St Martin Hospital’s Smoking Cessation program provides medication and individual counseling which includes behavioral therapy at no charge to the patient as long as the patient is a Louisiana resident and began smoking prior to 9-1-88. This two pronged approach to addiction treatment has a higher success rate than either approach alone. Individual counseling consists of face-to-face counseling with supplemental phone counseling between visits. Counseling is provided in a comfortable, nonjudgmental atmosphere assisting the patient with changing their attitude toward smoking, increasing healthy life skills and encouraging medication compliance during treatment.

Please call St. Martin Hospital Specialty Center to schedule your appointment today at (337) 442-6506. We look forward to working with you to transition to a smoke free life!

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