Ryan Grob


A patient was at LGMC for surgery. The nurse for much of her stay was Ryan Grob, RN in Post Op (Med Surg). The patient wrote to the hospital a couple of months later, saying Ryan was the most wonderful, and compassionate nurse she had ever experienced.

She said Ryan even came in on his day off to give her a book that he had recommended. She, being a librarian, was moved by this gesture! Ryan even stayed on the floor long enough to see her discharged, and wished her luck.

She described him as a “phenomenal young man!” The letter went on to say, “If I could get a message to him it would be that ‘I read The Horse and His Boy by C. S. Lewis and I could see why he enjoyed it so!’ I’d also tell him to keep his positive healing spirit because I think that having him as my nurse is what made my recovery so smooth and quick.”

Ryan’s enthusiasm and consideration are attributes that certainly helped Make a Difference.

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