Rebecca Clause - Director of Revenue Management


Some events illustrate that the culture of caring at Lafayette General extends beyond our health care providers. After attending an awards event in Las Vegas, a group of Lafayette General accounting coworkers were on their way to their hotel from a restaurant when they were strolling by a casino on the way to the hotel’s elevator. There, they observed a young lady at a slot machine who didn’t appear to be feeling well, perhaps having enjoyed a little too much partying.

Instead of minding her own business and walking on by, Rebecca Clause, from Lafayette General Revenue Management, decided to help. She cared for the lady and helped her clean herself up a bit. This spurned the rest of the group into action. Security was alerted to help find out who this lady was and where she belonged. It turns out the 20-year-old was from Hungary and was touring Vegas alone. She had earlier gone to a party, but was abandoned by the people she went with and was left to fend for herself.

Security arrived, and the lady was finally in safe hands. Rebecca changed the course of that lady’s experience that evening, which goes to show that what happens at Lafayette General doesn’t always stay at Lafayette General.

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