Patrice Ryckman, RN


A week before an expecting mother’s due date, the mom-to-be experienced a spontaneous rupture of membranes.  It was 5:30 p.m., she was home alone, with her husband 6 hours away.  She called her parents to drive her to the hospital.  The parents pulled the patient up to the front entrance of the hospital to drop her off. 

The patient felt very uneasy about walking into the Labor & Delivery area while leaking fluids.  That’s when Patrice Ryckman, RN, was exiting the hospital, having finished a long day’s shift at 7 p.m.  No longer on the clock, Patrice saw the patient, asked if she needed a wheelchair, and retrieved one from the L&D Department.  Patrice made sure this patient was cared for before leaving for the evening. 

For the patient, who was a second-time mother, this nervous moment was turned into a better experience because of Patrice’s thoughtfulness, concern and willingness to do a little extra.

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