Patient Donates “Victory Bell”


After completing her cancer treatment with Cancer Center of Acadia General Hospital (AGH), Carla Bollich decided to donate a “Victory Bell”.The bell is rung three times once a patient has completed their treatment and honors those who lost their battles with the disease.

"I was the first patient to ring the bell,” said Bollich. “I rang it twice and my daughter Chloe rang it the third time because I felt like she went through just as much as I did.”

On February 12, 2016, Carla was diagnosed with colon cancer. After undergoing surgery at Lafayette General Medical Center, she completed her treatment close to home in Crowley. “With the help of the staff here (at AGH) I’m blessed to say I’m cured.”

The “Victory Bell” now hangs in the hallway of the cancer center bearing the name of Carla and her daughter. Also, inscribed on the plaque is the name of Carla’s lifelong friend Laura Gorham who passed away from cancer.

"When a patient gets such a devastating diagnosis like cancer, as a care provider you need to be their support,” said Annette Dobson, RN, Clinical Supervisor of CCA at AGH. “I’ve become part of their family. To have Carla here with us, that’s its own victory.”

"I’m alive today because of my faith and the support of family I now have here at AGH,” says Bollich. “I hope if someone is undergoing treatment and they hear the sound of the bell, it inspires them to fight so they too can one day ring that bell. And one day, I hope the bell doesn’t have anyone to ring it, because we will have found a cure.”  

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