Orthopedic Services Offered at St. Martin Hospital


Adam Kennedy, M.D. | Orthopedic Surgeon

I have received a warm welcome from the people of Breaux Bridge and St. Martin Parish since expanding my practice here. Now, to meet the needs of the community I am devoting an additional day to see patients! I am thrilled to be the only orthopedic physician with an office in this area with access to St. Martin Hospital. As a Lafayette General Health facility, St. Martin Hospital is able to provide a level of services, including orthopedic capabilities, that many rural hospitals would envy. For people struggling with pain in their bones, joints, muscles and ligaments, having these services close to home, without having to make a longer trip than necessary, is a benefit that goes far beyond convenience.

Through St. Martin Hospital, I am proud to be able to offer a wide range of services to my patients. I see all orthopedic joints, including feet to ankles, knees to hips, shoulders and wrists to hands and fingers. This also includes both adult and pediatric patients, which means continuity of care for family members and relatives from early adolescence to late adulthood.

 The types of conditions we inspect range from very specific types of cases to much more general and common diagnoses. If you have knee complaints, for instance, we can investigate specific pain, loss of motion, instability, popping, etc. More common conditions can also be examined, such as rotator cuff impingement, biceps tendonitis, osteoarthritis, bursitis, labral tears, etc.

 We are capable of this because of the advanced technology available at St.Martin Hospital. We have access to tools such as X-ray, CT and MRI, to get a detailed and accurate diagnosis of what is going on. More importantly, we are able to offer treatments for these ailments through physical therapy, injections, medication and bracing. If surgery is needed, we have access to Lafayette General Medical Center, which is certified by The Joint Commission in Hip, Knee and Shoulder replacement surgery.

 I make a commitment to my patients that is often hard to find at larger practices in bigger cities. I see my patients every time they visit, and my patients get treated by me on every visit.

One-to-one care is what makes practicing here so enjoyable for me, and it also shows the advantages a community hospital can offer its people. I encourage anyone with orthopedic complaints or suffering, let’s see what we can do. 

For more information on St. Martin Hospital, physicians and services we offer closer to home, please call us at (337)332-2178.

Stay Home for Exceptional Orthopedic Care. Doctor's Orders.

Dr. Adam Kennedy, board-certified orthopedic surgeon with Lafayette General, is opening an additional day at his Breaux Bridge location. Meeting the needs of the community, Dr. Kennedy is committed to delivering advanced orthopedic services to St. Martin Parish, allowing his patients to receive exceptional care, exceptionally close to home.

To make an appointment with Dr. Kennedy, call (337)235-1600.

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