Notre Dame High School Donates Pediatric IV Pole Seats to LGMC


As part of their community outreach project, students with Notre Dame High School’s (NDHS) Agriculture Department delivered custom made seats for pediatric IV poles to Lafayette General Medical Center. These wooden seats slide onto the bottom of the pole, allowing pediatric patients to sit and “ride” on the IV pole instead of having to walk alongside it.

“I think it makes us all feel really good because we’re able to help someone,” says Abigail Kilgore, a senior at NDHS.

The seats provide patients greater flexibility to move around during their stay in the pediatric unit. The students who made the seats got the inspiration for the project after seeing how successful the seats were in a Seattle hospital.

“Notre Dame High School is the only Catholic high school in the state of Louisiana that has an agricultural program,” says Mandy Miller, Development Director of NDHS. “So we have a very unique opportunity to be able to do programs and projects like this. And for our students to be able to see firsthand the lives that they’re touching. This is the core of what Notre Dame does.”

“For our youngest patients, visiting the hospital is never fun,” says Meagan Daigle, Clinical Nurse Manager with LGMC. “This allows these kids to, for a brief moment, escape the worries and stress of a hospital stay. They get to be kids again.”

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