No Disruption to Patient Services at University Hospital & Clinics


Lafayette General Health (LGH) announces no disruption of services will occur at University Hospital & Clinics (UHC) as a result of recent state budget cuts. UHC will face a one percent drop in reimbursement through June.

Facing a $304 million deficit for the 2016-2017 budget, the use of $99 million from the “Rainy Day Fund” helped continue services at UHC. Had the cuts been deeper, the hospital would have sustained a devastating blow, leading to reductions in services, limited patient access and job losses.

“I truly appreciate the delegations support of healthcare in our region,” said LGH President David L. Callecod, FACHE. “In particular, I commend the leadership of Speaker Taylor Barras and Rep. Stuart Bishop during a difficult session in crafting a compromise that protected patients throughout Acadiana.”

A compromise had to be made to solve the budget deficit, and use of the “Rainy Day Fund” at any level needed a two-thirds vote. Lafayette General would like to thank the delegation members who voted for the use of $99 million from the “Rainy Day Fund” to mitigate cuts in alleviating the budget deficit – Sen. Gerald Boudreaux, Sen. Eric LaFleur, Sen. Fred Mills, Speaker Taylor Barras, Rep. Stuart Bishop, Rep. JP Coussan, Rep. Phillip DeVillier, Rep. Julie Emerson, Rep. Mike Huval, Rep. Nancy Landry, Rep. Terry Landry, Rep. Bernard LeBas, Rep. Dustin Miller, and Rep. Vincent Pierre.

“Money is tight at the state level and it is everyone’s responsibility to accept their fair share of reductions,” said UHC Chief Executive Officer Katie Hebert. “We prepared for a cut and will conduct business as efficiently as possible. No patient care services will be disrupted as a result of these cuts.

“If we have to endure further cuts in the new state budget year beginning July 1, 2017, then I don’t know if we can make that same promise.”

UHC treats over 100,000 patients annually at its clinics, cares for over 45,000 in the ER and employees over 800 people. It is the largest training site for physician residents in Southwest Louisiana. Patient satisfaction in the ER is rated in the 81st percentile nationally amongst all hospitals in the U.S.

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