NICU Reunion Party Held


It was a class reunion, of sorts. Lafayette General held a reunion party at Sugar Mill Pond in Youngsville on Saturday, May 19 for parents and youngsters to reconnect with former caregivers from the hospital’s Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Invited families and NICU staff enjoyed plenty of food and activities. Ice cream was served to top off the hot dogs, hamburgers and cold drinks. A fun jump with interactive cartoon characters and a kiddie pool filled with toy ducks and frogs to catch entertained the children. "Some of them went swimming in there, as well,” laughed Judy Robichaux, Director of Women & Children’s Services at LGMC.

The NICU Reunion Party was held for the second-consecutive year after having taken a few years off. The event is intended to rejoin the families and hospital staff of the NICU that bonded together to bring infants through their intensive care stays from the preceding year. The hospital hopes to make the reunion an annual occasion to include children from more than just the previous year, says Robichaux. Last year’s reunion was held at the Zoo of Acadiana, but this year it was moved to Sugar Mill Pond. "It is a beautiful place to have it,” added Robichaux.

It’s estimated more than 60 people were in attendance, including approximately 25 parents and their children, including 4 sets of twins, that had gone through the NICU at LGMC.

The Level III NICU at LGMC is located in the Pavilion for women and children, and offers one of the most technologically advanced NICU’s in the surrounding nine-parish area. Staff at LGMC includes neonatologists Dr. David DeIulio (Director of Neonatology)and Dr. Mufeed Ashraf; neonatal nurse practitioners, and subspecialty pediatricians like pediatric cardiologists and gastroenterologists; in addition LGMC provides a team of other professionals including respiratory therapists, dietitians, lactation consultants, occupational therapists, social workers and hospital chaplains.

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