Nicole Doiron - Case Manager


After a patient was discharged from the hospital, the family was having trouble getting a prescription filled. The pharmacy was raising issues over the patient’s insurance. One of the patient’s family members called the 6th floor, where the patient had been staying. Case Manager Nicole Doiron rose to the challenge and took charge of the situation. Nicole contacted the pharmacy and learned they were running the prescription as a brand name, which the insurance did not cover, instead of the generic version.

Nicole, with the help of Abigail Pelafigue, Nurse Practitioner at Cardiovascular Institute of the South at Lafayette General, was able to get the pharmacy to run the prescription as generic. The prescription was filled and covered, and the patient got what was needed. Nicole proved that her compassion for patients doesn’t end after they leave the hospital. Her willingness to do what was necessary spared one family from having to jump through hoops and suffer long waits to be treated, which proves she understands exceptional care.

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