NaF18 Pet/Ct Bone Scans


Lafayette General Imaging can now perform NaF18 Pet/Ct Bone Scans on Mondays only. The medication needed is only produced on Mondays.  For now, patients with Medicare will NOT be accepted.  The complex documentation for Medicare will take time to implement. 


Pet Bone Scan (NaF18) is the actual orderable.   


18F-Sodium Fluoride (NaF) bone PET/CT scans provide whole body views of the skeleton that are an important tool for the detection and evaluation of metastatic bone cancer.  

Assessment of bone metastases is important, since some of the most prevalent cancers are commonly associated with metastatic bone disease, including breast, prostate, and lung cancer.  


Clinical areas in which 18F-Sodium Fluoride (NaF) PET/CT studies are valuable include: (1) Evaluation of metastatic bone disease; (2) Initial staging for patients at risk for bone metastases; (3) Situations in which exclusion of bone disease is required prior to initiation of potentially curative therapy; (4) Following patients with bone dominant metastases, to evaluate effectiveness of systemic therapy, and to exclude new metastases at critical anatomic sites. 

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