Michelle Harring, Secretary - GI Unit


When GI Unit Secretary Michelle Harring spotted something wrong, she took action. Walking to lunch near Burdin Riehl Center one afternoon, Michelle noticed another pedestrian who appeared to be acting irrationally. She called the GI Unit for their assistance in helping someone in urgent need. As it turned out, the person she was concerned about was mentally ill and suicidal. When trying to care for the person, Michelle was physically assaulted. But, she remained calm and helpful.

Lafayette police arrived, and it took close to half an hour, and the disruption of two nearby businesses, before the person could be safely detained. Michelle’s awareness and courage was a heroic act. Had this situation been overlooked or passed off as none of her business, the situation could have ended with a loss of life. The person who nominated Michelle for Making a Difference said it is comforting to know that there are people who rise to the occasion when they see someone in peril, because the next family member that might need help could be one of our own.

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