Michael Dozier - Chief Information Officer


Dr. Bryan Sibley had been having trouble with his laptop computer, inhibiting his ability to log into LGMC’s system and care for his patients. Dr. Sibley worked with his IT (Information Technology) consultant for two days trying to resolve the issue, but to no avail. So, he contacted Michael Dozier from Lafayette General’s Information Systems (IS) Department, who assured him that they were on the case.

Dozier asked his coworker John Meyer to get in touch with Dr. Sibley the following day to check out the problem. But, Dr. Sibley’s days are busy and limited beyond his caring for patients. So, he emailed Michael at 8:30 that evening to see if anyone could call him that night to help. Within minutes, John was on the phone to assist Dr. Sibley. They spent a half-hour working on repairing the access problem. John also enhanced the laptop’s overall functionality to boost the computer in all areas of operation. Michael and John’s commitment to getting the job done, and more, shows how to answer a call to action.

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