Margo Hains is "Making a Difference"


Margo Hains

This is an email from Sandra Keller, director of Corporate Compliance, as written to CFO, Roger Mattke.

A lady from the LGMC business office was leaving the hospital around lunch time and she was very upset.  Another employee ran into her in the parking lot, could see her distress, and stopped and asked if she could help. The woman's husband was at home, couldn't breathe, and was locked in the apartment; she couldn't get in touch with the apartment manager to unlock the door for the ambulance to get to her husband.

So, our employee followed her home and stayed with her and her husband while the ambulance personnel worked.  Then, she went to the ER—after returning to work at the hospital—to check on the woman and her husband.

I just wanted you to know that Margo was the one who took the time to help one of our employees and her husband. Thought you might want to know how strong her commitment is to helping people in need.

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