Manuel “Rod” Rodriguez, Melissa Hewitt, Leonard Zeno, Pierrette Dupree, Lynn Percle, David Gray, Troy Albert and Richard “Waterman” Brown


The Security Department at LGMC serves more than just people. After witnessing a kitten fall into a drain on Coolidge Street, LGMC Courier Leonard Zeno called the City of Lafayette twice to come lift the metal drain cover, but no one from the city showed up. Later, a hospital visitor reported to LGMC Security and Lafayette Police that she could hear a kitten crying from the drain as she was walking to her car. A police officer used his emergency lights to close off part of the street.

Working together, Lafayette Police and LGMC Security Officers attempted to get the kitten out, which was not an easy task. With each try to reach the kitten, it would retreat further into the drain. Using a little innovation, they were finally able to retrieve the kitten from the drain, and the hospital visitor took the kitten home as a new pet.

A few days later, an elderly woman with a mentally challenged son was admitted to the hospital. Her son was found going to the 3rd floor with a dog. LGMC Security Officer Manuel “Rod” Rodriguez questioned the son, and found out that there were originally two dogs, but one had died in a car due to heat exposure. The security officer decided to take the son’s dog into the office of security officer Richard “Waterman” Brown. There, the dog received food and water before showing signs of dehydration and liver failure. So, the officers took him to a nearby veterinarian’s office, and the dog was nursed back to health.

 The officers also helped, at the request of the elderly mother, to dispose of the deceased dog, which she requested be shipped to Florida. Officers Rodriguez and Troy Albert bought an ice chest and traveling hearse to ship the deceased dog home. Thanks to all officers involved, including Pierrette Dupree, Lynn Percle, David Gray and Melissa Hewitt. The security team helped demonstrate compassion for both our patients and our four-legged companions.

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